Validation is a process of providing documented evidence that something does what it is intended to do. A part of this process is the qualification. This is the process that verifies the individual modules and system performance prior to being placed on-line.

The qualification process can be divided into three parts:

  • IQ (Installation qualification)
  • OQ (Operational qualification)
  • PQ (Performance qualification)

Our goal is to assist our customers in meeting their quality and regulatory requirements. Regulators be can organizations like FDA, MCA or JMHW. These regulators routinely audit manufacturing facilities including quality control laboratories and may order changes in the processes to meet there guidelines. Failure to comply can result in shutdown and loss of production. They also have the power to work across international borders.

Jasco understands that our instrumentation can play a major role on places where validation is essential. It is therefore that we are organized to perform validations on modules and systems. Our technical staff is trained and certified to perform IQ, OQ and PQ protocols. Therefore we can provide a full validation package for our instruments.