Spectra Manager II and KnowItAll

from acquisition to processing and analysis

Spectra Manager™ II Software

  • Control of all JASCO spectroscopy products
  • Control of multiple instruments from one computer
  • Analysis of several types of spectral data in one package
  • Users only need to be familiar with a single software package
  • Flexible data display and publication quality printing
  • Supports standard data formats such as ASCII, TXT and J-Camp for support to other software packages or operating systems such as Macintosh

Spectra Manager II is the latest version of the JASCO innovative cross-spectroscopy software platform. The approach of having a single platform for data analysis is a unique and powerful way to manipulate and display data from any JASCO spectroscopy system. UV/VIS/NIR, Fluorescence, FT/IR, CD, ORD, LD, Raman, FT-Raman Polarimeters and other types of data files can be directly compared, processed, and printed together.

Instrument control

Drivers are available to control each JASCO spectrophotometer. Parameter setting screens allow easy editing of pre-saved parameter files. Data acquired from each instrument is automatically loaded to the analysis program (running in the background) in order to free up the PC and control software to acquire more data. Each instrument driver has a module to allow for instrument hardware diagnostics and validation.

Partial list of data manipulation functions:

  • Arithmetic operations Derivatives
  • Peak detection and processing
  • Smoothing (several methods)
  • Deconvolution
  • Baseline correction
  • Unit conversion
  • Kramers-Kronig conversion
  • Audit trail stored as part of a data file

Flexible display features

  • Overlay printing in colors and patterns
  • Autoscale mode
  • Full control of style and font
  • Customized tool bars
  • Publication quality printing

Standard Windows features

  • Multi-tasking allows background data acquisition while analyzing data or running other programs
  • Built-in drivers for every printer
  • Digital and graphical data transfer through the clipboard.

Spectra Manager™ CFR

Spectra Manager CFR provides secure access and compliance features for 21 CFR Part 11, system Access requires user name and password which are assigned by the Workgroup Manager and Access Level determines access to Administration Tools which includes instrument installation analysis application installation, user setup, workgroup setup, security policy as well as system and application history logs. Three levels of electronic signatures are required including a creation, review, and approval stages. An audit trail is assigned to every data file recording data manipulations on special data.


The ‘World Standard’ FTIR Knowledgebase, KnowItAll® – JASCO Edition Sadtler Libraries have long been considered the most comprehensive search and analysis product in Infra Red Spectroscopy, but KnowItAll is a completely new generation of informatics with many new features.

KnowItAll is much more than a searchable database, it combines many additional features which make working with your results that much more rewarding. Not only can you add to the existing collection of data with your own using MineIt, but you can also draw structures, add your own customizable information and develop feature rich reports to share with colleagues and customers alike!

The KnowItAll is a comprehensive package with functionality which includes:

  • SearchIt™ Import your own data and search reference databases as well as your own custom database
  • AnalyzeIt™ Interpret the bands in infrared spectrum for functional group analysis
  • RefineIt™ Process spectral data such as smoothing, baseline correction, and spectral subtraction
  • DrawIt™ Draw chemical structures include chemical structures with your spectral identification
  • ReportIt™ create standard reports, design papers and presentations
  • MineIt™ Build you own searchable database of materials common to your laboratory
  • Reference database of 10,000 spectra included in this package