JASCO Benelux B.V.

JASCO is a leading supplier of highly sophisticated analytical laboratory instrumentation. For already 50 years JASCO has manufactured optical and analytical instrumentation with a very high grade of precision and accuracy. This translates itself into excellent detection limits and brings science to a higher level.

Today, JASCO manufactures a wide range of UV/VIS/NIR, FT/IR, CD, Fluorescence, Raman and related spectroscopic instrumentation as well as an extended portfolio of chromatography instrumentation. These dedicated modular instruments excel in robustness, compactness and ultimate sensitivity

JASCO is the world leader in the field of Circular Dichroism Spectropolarimetry. The experience gained by JASCO in both optical design and computer technology led to the production of spectrophotometric detectors for HPLC.

The movement towards the HPLC market continued with the production of solvent delivery systems, gradient elution devices and a complete range of detectors.

JASCO now has 40 years of experience in design and development of innovative chromatography instrumentation for a wide range of applications. A worldwide network of companies supports the full range of analytical instrumentation in educational, industrial, quality control and research laboratories.

In August 1997 the JASCO Benelux operation was founded, as a result of a combined effort of JASCO International and B&L Systems, the former distributor for over 12 years in the Benelux.

JASCO Benelux B.V. has been ISO 9001 certified since 1998 (download the certificate here).

Mission statement

We are proud to supply our customers with the products we have in our program. We strongly believe that a good relationship with our customers is the key to mutual success, knowing that our customers rely on the quality of the systems as well as the support from our company.

Based on this we have qualified our main focus points:

Customer Support

We have translated this term into the ability to offer our customers direct access to skilled personnel which ensures fast and adequate kind of help.We have the ability to assist our customers with application support carried out by our own R&D laboratory.It enables you to extend or to newly develop your applications.

Technical service

The technical service department consists of highly skilled people who are able and certified to work in your laboratory. Also module- and system validation belong to this very important task.


Innovative optical designs combined with the capabilities of modern electronic components lay the basis for the excellent sensitivity and stability of Jasco instrumentation. Our R&D facilities have developed novel optical surfacing techniques and board level circuitry that greatly enhance the performance of our instruments. Only industry standard interfaces are used to ensure error free communication with the PC.