J-1000 Series

Circular Dichroism Spectrometers

Chiroptical spectroscopy has become one of most important techniques for the characterization of biomolecules, determination of absolute configuration and stereochemical analysis. Since launching the Model AP-1, our first spectropolarimeter in 1961, JASCO has designed and built the finest in chiroptical instrumentation. Based on JASCO’s experience in CD instrumentation over a half century, JASCO proudly introduces the J-1000 Series Circular Dichroism (CD) Spectrometers providing both unparalleled optical performance and versatile flexibility. The latest Quad Lock-in Amplifier allows the simultaneous acquisition of up to four data channels including CD, Absorbance, Linear Dichroism (LD), Fluorescence, Fluorescence detected CD (FDCD), Fluorescence detected LD (FDLD), Fluorescence Anisotropy and Optional Rotatory Dispersion (ORD). Designed as a “Chiroptical Spectroscopy Workbench” the J-1500 offers a wide range of accessories to allow it to be adapted to any application requirements. Temperature ramping, protein folding, enzyme kinetics, DNA/RNA interactions, natural organic chemistry, biochemistry, macromolecules and rapid scanning experiments are all possible.

Key features

  • Wide spectral range from vacuum UV to Near-IR (up to 1600 nm, only J-1500)
  • Standard built-in mercury lamp and optional NIST traceable standard sample for system validation
  • High-efficiency purge capability enabling to enhanced vacuum UV measurement
  • Extremely low stray light and high S/N ratio providing wide dynamic range
  • Simultaneous Multi-probe measurements (SMP) with acquisition of up to four data channels
  • Flexible design allowing field upgrades for different measurement modes and accessories as applications evolve
  • Spectra Manager II or Spectra Manager CFR (For FDA regulated labs): 64 bit innovative, cross-platform Spectroscopy
  • Software Suite for data acquisition, analysis and presentation including several methods of secondary structure calculation

Versatility for a wide range of application requirements

  • Protein folding studies
  • Protein conformational studies
  • DNA/RNA interactions
  • Enzyme kinetics
  • Purity testing of optically active substances
  • Quantitative analysis of pharmaceuticals
  • Natural products chemistry
  • Biochemistry and macromolecules
  • Rapid scanning (time resolved) experiments

CD-2095 Circular Dichroism Detector

The new CD-2095 has been developed as an innovative CD (Circular Dichroism) detector, using the same technology applied in conventional CD spectropolarimeters, but optimized to meet HPLC requirements. The CD-2095 detector can simultaneously determine both CD and UV absorption of the sample in the same cell for direct determination of optical purity. CD is based on the differential absorption of right and left circularly polarized light due to the existence of a chiral chromaphore and is a much more specific technique than OR (Optical Rotation) or Polarimetry. In the past, large and expensive CD spectropolarimeters have often been modified for use as a CD detector in an HPLC system. The CD-2095 can easily be interfaced with the JASCO HPLC system using ChromPass Software. Chiral separation has become one of the most important application areas in HPLC. The increasing demand for chiral chromatography in various fields, such as drug analysis, drug discovery, biochemical analysis, natural product analysis, organic synthesis, etc. have resulted in a parallel demand for better chiral separation and detection technology. Recent advances in chiral column technology are boosting the use of chiral chromatography in more and more laboratories, however, advances in chiral detection technology have only recently met the demands required in terms of sensitivity and selectivity.