The LC-4000 Series autosamplers provide a range of options to suit any sample injection requirements, from the AS-4050 entry-level model, to the AS-4250 UHPLC model or the AS-4058 preparative scale autosampler. The AS-4050 is a 60 sample autosampler for use with conventional HPLC with options for analytical and semi-preparative injection volumes. The AS-4150 and AS-4250 are high-capacity, high performance autosamplers designed for RHPLC (up to 70MPa) and UHPLC (up to 130MPa), respectively, with a minimum injection cycle-time of only 30 seconds. Peltier cooling is available for all autosamplers and light protection for photolabile samples is available on the higher level models.

AS-4050, 60 sample HPLC autosampler

Pre-injection sample preparation is available on the high performance autosamplers with programmable options for sample dilution and pre-column derivatization. The injection mode can be switched between full loop injection and partial loop injections. Up to 5 different washing solvents can be used to achieve excellent carry-over at less than 0.005%. An optional degasser can be installed for degassing up to 5 flushing solvents. The AS-4058 is the LC-4000 Series largest volume autosampler with injection volumes up to 5mL as standard (up to 10mL as an option). The AS-4058 is typically used in combination with either a PU-4087 or PU-4088 pump for preparative separations.

AS-4250, High capacity UHPLC autosampler

All LC-4000 series autosamplers share the same simple maintenance features, with consumable parts such as injection ports, rotor seals and loops accessible from the front panel for easy replacement.

Designed for easy maintenance. Simple replacement of syringe in AS-4050

AS-4050/4150/4250/4058 flow diagram (loop injection)


AS-2059-SF Autosampler
When using supercritical carbon dioxide as a mobile phase, it replaces the content of the sample loop with supercritical carbon dioxide with each injection. Continuous introductions of samples requires the aspiration of the next sample after safely discharging the carbon dioxide in the sample loop and fully replacing it with an organic solvent. The AS-2059-SF can safely discharge carbon dioxide in the sample loop and continuously inject samples. The injection method can be selected as either a fixed injection volume that fills the entire sample loop or a variable injection volume that introduces the sample in a portion of the sample loop. The variable injection volume method is also capable of full injection with zero sample loss.