Chromatography highlight

LC-4000 series: UHPLC

Analytical systems at 130 MPa

UHPLC, for those that need to run a large numbers of samplers or get results quickly. Pioneering column technology is pushing the particle size even smaller.

LC-4000 series: HPLC

Analytical, semi- and preparative HPLC systems

With a comprehensive range of high performance optical detectors

New website

We are very excited to share with you our new, easy to use, redesigned website.

Spectroscopy highlight

V-700 series

UV-VIS/NIR spectrophotometers

From an innovative optical layout to a simple comprehensive instrument control and analysis software. This series does not compromise on accuracy, performance or reliability.

J-1000 series

Circular dichroism spectrometers

The unparalleled optical performance and versatile flexibility opens the door to the future of Circular Dichroism


We believe that a good relationship with our customers is the key to mutual success. Customers rely on the quality of the systems, as well as the support from our company. Jasco focusses on customer support, technical service and performance.


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